For a change in pace . . . Paper Art

Being paperless does not mean having a dislike for paper.  In fact, I love paper, especially beautiful paper.  For a little change in pace, here are a few pieces of art created from, you guessed it, paper.

Jen Stark

Jen Stark’s website. 

Hands down, my favorite paper artist is Laura Stark.  She’s a young artist who makes incredible sculptures and wall pieces with non-patterned colored paper (think construction paper used in elementary schools).   Pictured below, Over and Out (19″ x 19″ x 5″, hand-cut paper, 2008).

Over and Out

Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen’s website.

Like Ms. Stark, Mr. Callesen creates sculptures from paper but from an altogether different perspective.  Many of his pieces are done in stark white, which gives them an ethereal and powerful glow.  Many of his pieces, like On The Other Side, pictured below, are papercuts, where the subject of the piece is literally cut from a single piece of paper and is still attached in one place–similar to a pop-up book but on an infinitely more elegant scale. 


Bert Simons

Bert Simons’ website.

Bert Simons creates psuedo-realistic portraits and sculptures made entirely from paper.  The “busts” are realistic enough to be a bit frightening.  I wonder, could you commission one of a particular person? Talk about a conversation piece!  The artist did just that when he created a “clone” of himself in paper (pictured below).  And, in case you’d also like to have a clone of Bert Simons, he offers a pdf of the cut-outs you’d need to recreate it. 


If paper artistry has captured your interest, you can check out these sites to see more incredible work:

100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art at Webdesigner Depot

The Beauty of Paper Art at Smashing Magazine


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I’m not that crazy about the idea of a clone but I’m a big fan of followers (on Twitter, of course). You can follow me at @MollyDiBi.

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