Need More Proof of the Potential Power of Twitter?

If you still don’t believe in the power of Twitter, this post is for you.  Next week, I’ll be giving a 60-minute demo of Twitter in a “how-to” session for attorneys. Ooooh, I can hardly wait!  And, as luck would have it, I came across a fascinating set of infographics about Twitter’s reach.  They’re so impressive (the stats and the graphics), that I had to take a break from preparing for the presentation to share them.

Taken from the images below, here are just a few of my favorite Twitter statistics:

The seven billion tweets to date are composed of 104,860,000,000 words, as many as 133,000 copies of the the King James version of the Bible.

If you printed all of the tweets on Twitter, the paper would weigh three and a half million pounds, the equivalent of 82 school buses fully loaded with 84 happily tweeting kids.

To keep up with the 26 million tweets daily, you’d need 30 inkjet printers working around the clock to print more than 1,300,000 pages every day.

The images are by Creative Cloud, which I found via

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